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Xavier Hawkins



When life was simple,

I’d saddle Whitey—

a nag named for his snowy coat—

and we’d ride down to the center

of the pasture to care for the cows.


When life was simple,

the cattle flourished:

ate the hay and prepared to procreate

so the cycle could continue.


When life was simple,

We’d chop the trees to

furnish firewood and heat.


When life was simple,

I longed to never leave.


It’s been ten summers since

life was last simple.

Whitey has passed and the cows

have become the grass.

The cycle continued.

Maybe life is still simple.


I Cry Cute

Every soul’s goal is to garner glee.

Nobody can control what they’re feeling except

Jehovah. As Christ eyes my futile pursuit

of joy, He must be smiling. Maybe

God smiles because He knows how pleased

I’ll be on the other side. Maybe

Jesus just likes the way I cry.

cry cute
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Whale Song

With four hundred pounds of love lodged

inside, I dive three hundred feet into

the sea to see if I can’t

escape reality. My elusion is limited. When

I expel painful past and inhale hopeful

present, please meet me at the surface.

I’ll show you how shallow I’m not.

whale song
Who We Are 
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