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Who We Are

Dr. Scott Challener

I'm a practicing poet and the managing editor and faculty advisor for the Hampton Renaissance. I joined the department of English & Foreign Languages as an Assistant Professor in 2021. I teach courses on twentieth- and twenty-first century literature and critical theory. My poems and essays appear in The Nation, Poetry, Gulf Coast, Lana Turner Journal, Mississippi Review, OmniVerse, the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Rumpus, and elsewhere.

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My name is Zoe Treadwell. I am a psychology major, english minor and I am the executive editor of The Hampton Renaissance. We started the Renaissance in the fall semester of 2021 

Zoe Treadwell


My name is Zyen Smoot and I am an English major with a concentration on creative writing. In addition to my major, I am also the social media coordinator for the Hampton Renaissance. I am in charge of posting, promoting, and, initially, hosting the events. I was born in Varnado, Louisiana which is an hour away from New Orleans. New Orleans is a city known for its vibrant artistic expressions. Due to its closeness to my hometown me and my family often visited and since then I have always had a passion for the arts. I hope to create the Hampton Renaissance into a safe haven for all artists alike and help others find their passion for the arts.

Zyen Smoot

Arielle Thomas

Hi all! My name is Arielle Thomas and I am an English major, on the pre-law track from NYC. In my spare time, I enjoy dancing, reading, practicing yoga, and exploring new hobbies. Currently, my professional goal is to pursue entertainment/real estate law and I also wish to study abroad. As a person who enjoys different ways to express that others express themselves, I am grateful for the Hampton Renaissance as a platform for artists of all trades to freely exhibit their literary works.


I'm Erin, an English major with a concentration in creative writing from Atlanta, Georgia. My hobbies are painting, embroidery, and now editing literary magazines. I love publications that add a visual element to written pieces, and my work on the Renaissance makes sure the same is true for our literary magazine. 

Erin Townsend


Hello! My name is Jenay Conway. I am an English major with a concentration in creative writing from Fayetteville, North Carolina. My passions include creative writing, and sketching. I am proud to be a contributing member and editor for the Hampton Renaissance literary magazine. 

Jenay Conway

Hello, I'm Alex

Editor, Artist, Poet, Musician

Biology Major, Pre-med track

Alex Dameus


Hey! My name is Gabe Crawford, and I am an English major with a concentration in film. I joined the Hampton Renaissance because I am an enthusiast for writing and absolutely love creative expression! I am an aspiring author and screenwriter who loves writing sci-fi, action, and fantasy stories. I am eager to share my captivating storytelling with this magazine, and excited to welcome all artists who seek a space to express their creative freedom!

Gabriel Crawford


My name is Anthony Akins! I am a Chemical Engineering major from Cleveland, OH. I am an aspiring author for dark fantasy and sci-fi stories. I joined Hampton Renaissance in order to share my works with the world, one step at at a time.

Anthony Akins

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