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Fall 2022 Call for Submissions : After Hours 

Hampton Renaissance FAll 2022 Call for Submissions.png

Welcome back, Hampton Renaissance readers, writers, and friends,


It is another fall semester at Hampton University and these early autumn days are made so memorable by the sun's descent. As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, what comes across your mind? While the sun sets and the sky’s bright blue dissolves into deep violet, what do you see? When you’re alone with your thoughts in the wee hours of the night, what do you hear? When the moon slinks into the sky, what do you feel? 

Our theme this semester is After Hours. We are curious about what keeps you up at night. What do you do in the dark? When street lamps come on, washing the street below in hazy yellow light, what do you think of? This issue is for the late-night poems scratched in the margins of your notebook, for the song your heart sings as you look up at the moon, or down at the cup of coffee you desperately need to get through the pile of work in front of you. This fall, while you’re up late cramming for a midterm or practicing for a presentation, we ask you to stop for a moment. Take a break, take a breath and reflect on these late night hours.

As always, at Hampton Renaissance we value fresh voices from students, faculty, and staff alike. Our goal is to give the Hampton University community a platform that is inclusive, open-minded and unrestricting. We are seeking all different styles of written, visual, and mixed-media artwork. If you have something to say, please share it with us– We cannot wait to hear it!


Let us roam the night together 


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