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A Brief Description of Your Love.
by Samantha Galloway

Soaking in the sun, it’s warmth caresses my skin all over,
like the wind, I can’t see it but i feel it.
Your love rejuvenates me, similar to how flowers feel after rainfall.
Your love is earthly as it supplies me with all i need.

Like dainty doves, your love is pure and delicate.
Your love holds hands with beauty and romance,
it paints a portrait of wholeness.
Venus and Neptune dance to your love, La luna singing them that beautiful song.

Your love feels like music, its vibrations filling up the space inside me.
It’s smooth like jazz
Soulful like neo-soul
Meshell Ndegeocello kinda soulful
It runs through me like reggaeton.

Your love is like a smell good, a signature scent.
It’s yours and the more i am around you,
the more i familiarize myself to it.
I can recall who it belongs to, with hopes to find your presence near.

Your love is sweet like a southern grandma’s peach cobbler,
it’s wholesome like an episode of steven universe,
feelings of joyous nostalgia.
Your love is joyously nostalgic,
it reminds me of the best and safest parts of my childhood.

Your love reminds me of home, because it’s unconditional.
Bringing out every part of me, your love is my home.

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