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First and foremost, I would like to thank our readers and our submitters. I am so grateful to be able to provide a platform for the amazing pieces we receive, so as always, thank you for continuing to give us your support. I would also like to thank Hampton Alum, Aubrey Dickerson for designing this issue's beautiful cover. Next I'd like to extend my gratitude towards our faculty advisor, Dr. Challener for his patient guidance and enthusiastic encouragement throughout this entire year. He has helped this magazine grow from a tiny seed of an idea to the blossoming flower it now is. Additionally, I would like to thank the amazing Editorial Team: Alex Dameus, Amarah Ennis, Arielle Thomas, Erin Townsend, Jenay Conway, and Zyen Smoot, for all they do to make this magazine visually engaging and keep our website up and running. This wonderful team has remained so enthusiastic about the work we do and I cannot thank them enough.


Thank you all for reading and supporting Hampton Renaissance.


Until next time, 

Zoe J. Treadwell + The Hampton Renaissance Editorial Team 

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