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Literary journals and magazines have existed in prominence since the 19th century and have had a specific influence on the growth of Black literature. Black writers who often did not have the opportunity to get their works published in traditional methods, sought refuge in Black literary journals. At Hampton Renaissance, we hope to provide a similar space for the many people who call Hampton University their Home by the Sea. We want to be able to give students a platform that is inclusive, open-minded, and unrestricted. We value new, fresh voices from students and faculty alike. 

In 1970, the students and faculty of the English department at Hampton University founded The Saracen to share the unique voice of the Hampton community. The Saracen, which is archived in the William R. Harvey Library as well as here on the Hampton Renaissance website, was the start of a long history of literary writings and discussion at Hampton– a discussion which has since fizzled out. At Hampton Renaissance, our goal is to revitalize the flame of the literary and artistic community on campus. We strive to showcase the talents of the Hampton faculty and student body as well as preserve our reflections on an ever changing world, but most of all, we strive to provide a space for students and faculty alike to share a little bit of themselves and be heard. 

If you have something to share, please let us hear you. Send all submissions and any questions to and check back in February for the very first issue of Hampton Renaissance. 

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